The nutshell version

I find stuff out, and then I tell people about it – or help others to do so.

The short version

I am a digital storytelling facilitator, as well as a researcher, writer and strategist specialising in PR and marketing for NGOs and companies with a technology focus. I particularly love working with NGOs and small to medium-sized companies for their energy, iconoclasm and the fact that I invariably end up talking a lot to amazing and inspiring leaders.

The long version

I am an independent facilitator, researcher and writer with 15 years’ experience working with public and private sector clients. I’m particularly skilled at presenting complex information to lay audiences in compelling, easily understood ways without sensationalising or dumbing down. I hold degrees in economics and philosophy from Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town, and an MSc in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh.

Clients I have worked with in the past few years include: