First Digital Storytelling workshop for Cape Town, 2011

by pam on January 17, 2011

I’m running Cape Town’s first digital storytelling workshop for the year over three days from Friday February 4 to Sunday February 6 Constellation House in Rondebosch.

Digital storytelling transforms memories, photographs, ideas and documents into short movies that capture the essence of a personal story. It’s not about reportage or documentary – it’s about each person finding their own voice as a storyteller, telling the stories that are most meaningful to them.

Joe Lambert, who taught at the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, says this in his book:

The more we share the stress and strain of a corporate monoculture based on greed and accumulation, the more we want a gentle authenticity of experience. The more we search for authenticity, the more we turn our attention away from the siren call of bland uniformity, and we search for something individuated. And the way to hear those stories is not to change channels, or surf the machine made media, but to listen to our own stories, our own hearts, and the stories of our rich, local communities.

…By bringing people together to share stories and make artifact out of transformative narratives, we are able to stop and take stock, and find ways to insert these snapshots of existence into our daily dialogues. This is why digital storytelling workshops never get old. Like all healthy practices, storytelling renews and changes everyone involved in the process.

The first workshop is limited to six participants, but there will be more during the year. If you’d like to know more, check out the Facebook page, leave a comment here or contact me.

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